CHAMELEON DISPLAY should not be considered a fully featured SYSTEM repeater for Chameleon Networks.

The CHAMELEON DISPLAY, behaves as an extra display of the Master Panel display.

Non networked panels may need an remotely accessed extra display. In this situation, by applying an isolated CHAMELEON DISPLAY you will have a duplication of the panel Fascia. Everything displayed in the connected panel is then copied to the CHAMELEON DISPLAY. Every key press action is assumed as if the input was actually occurring on the connected panel. For connection diagrams and project commissioning, please refer to the Chameleon Network manual as well as the manual of the Communication Interface being used.

This solution is ideally for stand-alone panels. It is only possible to have one display connected per Chameleon connection available on panel. On networked systems, where the panel chameleon connections are most needed, it is recommended the use of CHAMELEON MINI REP system repeaters.

Compatible with GEKKO, OCTO+ and NODE+ range of panels.

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