The LSC-ISO Module is a fully monitored interface which is used to connect a line of conventional sounders to the GFE’s range of Addressable Fire Detection Control Panels via the detection loop. The Green LED will pulse every time the unit is polled by the panel. Three LEDs are provided to indicate module status. The Yellow LED will be ON whenever there is a fault condition in the module and finally the Red LED will be ON when there is an alarm condition in the conventional zone.

The module requires an external 24V DC power supply and can supply up to 1A at the sounder output which is monitored for both open and short circuit faults. A 10K ohm end of line resistor is connected to the last sounder to provide line monitoring.

The output can be programmed as pulsed or continuous. A maximum of 32 LSC-ISO can be connected to each Loop using address numbers 94 to 125 inclusive.

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