Fire Pumps

We are capable to supply Motor Pumps, Jockey Pumps and Engine Pumps either made in foreign countries or made at home. Based on requirements of customers, Pumps with following certifications, such as PSB label, SETSCO approval, UL listed and FM approved are also available. Control Panels to operate fire pumps are made with either German or Korean parts. We will help to calculate pressure requirements and flow rate upon request of our customers on purchase. Below certifications are of some of our supplied equipment for your reference.

Supply: Based on pump sizes of customer requirements, some of electric pumps and engine driven pumps with their Automatic Control Panels are assembled by our technicians right here in Yangon and Mandalay cities. Our pumps are certified either with CE or SETSCO and PSB We can also supply UL Listed and FM approved Pump Sets imported from USA, Australia, Dubai and Singapore.

Calculation: Not only supply, we also assist customers in calculation of pump sizes required for their individual projects. Detailed calculation of the whole fire protection system which may include Sprinklers, Hose Reels, Hose Rack Assembly, Wet Risers and Hydrants shall be charged with a reasonable rate.

Design: Complying regulations of both/ either local authorities and/or Code of Practices of Singapore, we can design the whole fire pump System. Requirements of special valves such as Pressure Relief Valves, Pressure Reducing Valves and Alarm Check Valves are specified based on different sizes of systems, buildings and pumps.

Install: In accordance with approved designs provided, we are capable of intalling all types of fire fighting pumps along with testing & commissioning and handover in proper documentation ending with satisfaction of building owners and contractors.

Inspect: We will assit our customers in inspecting installed pumps whether they are working well with specified flow and pressure. We can recommend them what to carry out if there are any errors.