The ADLI V2 FO is an Addressable Loop interface which allows a conventional ORION / ORION-EX V2 panel to be integrated in any of GFE’s analogue addressable systems, allowing the addressable panel to monitor and control the status of the conventional panel. There are two different assemblies, the ADLI V2 FO ORION, that shall equip every conventional panel, and the ADLI V2 FO LOOP that shall equip every addressable analogue panel. An 8 way DIL switch is provided to set the module’s address and to configure the advanced features.

The module will report to the addressable analogue panel, as a Zone Monitor Unit, the status (Fire and Fault conditions) of the conventional panel. Additional output reports, to the addressable panel, are available when integrated with an ORION-EX V2, reporting to the addressable panel as I/O’s.

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